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Superintendent's Weekly Wrap-Up




Superintendent's Weekly Wrap-Up

School Year 2016-2017

March 24, 2017

Employee of the Week: 

Please join in recognizing Mrs. Lindsey Wyatt, First Grade Teacher at Hurt Elementary School, on her selection as Employee of the Week for Pittsylvania County Schools.  Please click on the following link to find out what employees do to make this A Great Place to Learn and Work! http://www.pcs.k12.va.us/staff/employee-of-week/

Last month, the Weekly Wrap-Up featured the report presented by Sam Nicholson, Student Representative to the School Board from Chatham High School.  This week's Wrap-Up highlights the Character Word of the Month presentation by Erin Mayhew, Student Representative from Gretna High School.


Hello Everyone.  My name is Erin Mayhew, and I am a senior from Gretna High School.  It is my honor to share March 's Character Word of the Month, which is Fairness.  According to Webster Dictionary, Fairness is impartial and just  treatment or behavior without favoritism  or discrimination.
One word that relates heavily with fairness  is equity.  Equity is not the same as equality.  Equality is a concept that emphasizes the sameness of outputs, but equity is a concept that focuses  on the representative distribution among outcomes. With this is mind, fairness  is the process  which equity is achieved.  And with this, fairness  means not every individual receives the same in order that equity is achieved.

In education, equity is fairness.  Equity encompasses a wide variety of educational models, programs, and strategies that may be considered fair,  but not equal.  It has been said that "equity is the process,  and equality is the outcome." This means that equity which is fair and just  may not in the process  of educating students reflect strict equality, which is distributed equally.  Inequities occur when biased or unfair policies, programs, practices,  or situations contribute to a lack of equality in educational performance,  results, and outcomes.

The growing importance of education equity is based on the individual's level of education directly correlated to the future quality of life.  Therefore, an academic system that practices educational equity is a strong foundation  of a society that is fair and striving.  Fairness and equity are not just  things that are nice to have if we can afford them.  They are the foundation of prosperity and success in a society.  These elements help a society learn and keep a society healthy.  And if we abandon fairness  and equity, we abandon society itself, and any of the benefits we as individuals draw from  it in turn.  Here's a quote by Rick Lavoie, "Fair doesn't mean giving every child the same thing, and it means giving every child what they need.

I hope that each of you is having a restful and relaxing Spring Break!

Teacher Job Fair a Success:

Nearly one hundred (100) prospective candidates for open positions in Pittsylvania County Schools attended the Teacher Job Fair at Chatham High School on Saturday, March 11, 2017. I would like to thank Dr. Lillian Holland, Assistant Superintendent for Administration, Mrs. Shari Dudley, Executive Administrative Assistant for Human Resources, Mrs. Colleen Hardy, Administrative Assistant for Human Resources, Mrs. Janet Hancock, Clerk of the School Board, Mr. Raymond Prunty, Custodian at Chatham Middle School, principals, assistant principals, guidance counselors, and teachers who assisted with this event.

Board of Supervisors Recognize JROTC, Beta, and Interact Programs:

At their meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, the members of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors recognized the JROTC Instructors and Cadets from Chatham High School, Dan River High School, and Tunstall High School, as well as the Beta and Interact sponsors and students from Chatham High School. Mr. Robert Warren, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, wrote a letter to the school division thanking these groups, their sponsors, and their student members for assisting the Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services (DSS) with its annual "Project Santa Claus" effort. They helped DSS provide toys for more than five hundred (500) children.

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors to recognize the efforts of the JROTC Instructors and Cadets from  Chatham High School, Dan River High School, and Tunstall High School, as well as the Beta and Interact students and instructors from  Chatham High School. The amount of effort and dedication they portray for doing good in our community is immense. They assist the Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services with their yearly "Project Santa  Claus" to ensure that children in our community are able to have Christmas gifts. Due to the hard work and dedication from  the JROTCs, Beta Club, and the Interact  Club, the Department of Social Services has been able to help over 500 children per year at Christmas. Not to mention that this type of work is often done after school hours and on their own personal time. These students truly are a wonderful asset to our community and are very much appreciated.

The Board also applauds the JROTC Instructors: SFC(R) Eddie Perdue, Chatham High School; Lt. Col. David King and Sgt. Major Hubert Royall, Tunstall High School; and CW2 Ronald E. Emerson, Senior Army Instructor and SFC(R) Michael Coder, Dan River High School. Melanie  Wade, Rebecca Parsons, and Christy Lipscomb are the instn1ctors of the Beta and Interact Clubs at Chatham High School and we commend them as well for  their hard work, dedication, and guidance for  all of their students. The efforts of the instructors and students have not gone unnoticed and are deeply appreciated.


Robert W. Warren, Chairman, Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors

Delta Dental of Virginia Oral Health Tip, March 2017:

Spring is well on its way, bringing warmer air, sunshine and beautiful blooms. However, while lush grass and budding bouquets may look beautiful, they may not sound so appealing if you suffer from seasonal allergies. The pollen they produce can drive allergy levels through the roof.

Do your itchy eyes and sneezes occasionally come with a toothache, too?

Many allergy sufferers often experience tooth pain and sensitivity. This can be mistaken for dental decay when it is really just a sinus pressure indicator. Mucus build-up causes pressure in your maxillary sinus (located under your cheekbones). Because your back molars and maxillary sinus are neighbors, tooth pain is inevitable.

Here are clues your tooth pain signals a visit to your dentist:

  • You have a history of dental problems

  • Your pain is confined to one tooth

  • Tooth pain persists, even after allergy symptoms subside

Seasonal allergy pain is different for everyone. Your dentist and doctor are the only ones who can accurately diagnose your specific problem. Do not wait for the pain to disappear - spring into action! Visit your doctor and dentist for a smile fit for all seasons.

Pittsylvania County Elementary Schools Perform at Chatham High School:

Over one hundred (100) elementary students from the ten (10) County elementary schools performed at Chatham High School on Saturday, March 11, 2017, to a full auditorium of parents, friends, teachers, administrators, and relatives.  I would like to thank Mr. Cedric Hairston, Supervisor of Specialty Curricular
Areas, elementary music teachers, elementary schools staff, and Chatham High School staff for their good work preparing for this event.

State Beta Convention:

The Gretna High School Beta Club competed at the State Beta Convention in Williamsburg, VA, February l0- 11, 2017. Remington Brooks placed 1st in Sculpture, Kenna Thacker placed 3rd in Mixed Media, Haley Saunders placed Ist in Fiber Arts and 2nd in Woodworking, Faith Simpson placed Ist in Photography and 2nd in Best in Show, Kayla Brown p laced 2nd in Poetry Division I , Peyton Jefferson placed 3rd i n Poetry Division II, and Mitch Doss placed 1st in Agriculture Division II. The club placed 3rd in Convention Scholastic Sweepstakes. Jalil Johnson won a $500 State Beta Scholarship in honor of Barbara Anderson, former National Sponsor. Lacey Shelton was elected the new Virginia State Beta Secretary for 2017-2018. Mrs. Rebecca Franklin was elected the new Virginia State Sponsor for 2017-2019. Overall the club received 9 invitations to National Convention that will be held in Orlando, FL in June.

Pittsylvania County and Danville City Public Schools JROTC Hold Annual Ball:

The JROTC units from Pittsylvania County and Danville City Schools held their annual military ball on Saturday evening. March 18, 2017. This is an annual formal function that is planned and attended by the cadets enrolled in J ROTC from each of the county' s high schools and George Washington High School. Military personnel and male cadets dressed in formal uniforms and female cadets wore formal dresses. Male guests wore suits and female guests wore formal dresses .

School Board members from Danville City Schools and Pittsylvania County Schools, Central Office Administrators, High School Principals, JROTC Instructors, and other dignitaries formed a welcome line to welcome the Cadets and their guests to begin the evening. Dan River High School 's Color Guard posted the Colors and C/SSG Rachael Peters, Chatham High School, sang the National Anthem. Cadet CSM Nick Mitchell, Chatham High School, said the invocation and representatives from George Washington High School's J ROTC performed the Missing Man Ceremony. JROTC Instructors SFC (R) Eddie Perdue (CHS), SFC (R) Michael Coder (DRHS), LCDR (R) Frank Hitt (GWHS), Maj. (R) Herbert Daniel (GHS), and SGM (R) Bill Royall (THS) recognized each senior member of their units. A dinner, catered by Gentlemen's Ridge, followed the ceremony.

Chatham High School JROTC Marksmen Successful at Regional Championship:

The Chatham High School JROTC Marksmanship Team participated in the Army Northern Regional Marksmanship Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio. The following cadets competed: Tim Fuller, Amber Mitchell, Devon Williams, Owen Goad, and Robert Knick. SFC (R) Ed Perdue and Mr. Randy Fowlkes
attended the event with the students. Cadet Owen Goad won First (1st)
Place in Precision Marksmanship and Cadet Robert Knick finished in Fifth (5th)
Place in the Supporter Division. Teams from the northern United States and Germany participated. Cadet Goad will compete in the national competition later this year.

Tunstall High School Students Donate:

Tunstall High School held a two-day blood drive on March 2 and 3, 2017, for the Danville Regional Medical Blood Donor bank. Participants successfully donated fifty-six (56) pints of blood with thirteen (13) students deferred who also were willing to donate. According to blood donor sources, one (1) pint has the potential to save as many as three (3) lives and three (3) teaspoons of blood can save a baby's life.

NASCAR Comes to Gretna Elementary School:

Richard Childress Racing (RCR) in conjunction with Pit Stops for Hope will come to Gretna Elementary School (GES) on March 31, 2017, to visit with students. Pit Stops for Hope was founded by Ray Wright, who is Pit Crew Coordinator for RCR. Pit Stops for Hope is a collaborative effort amongst the racing community that is designed to improve conditions for America’s youth. A fundamental belief of this organization is that positive change will come to communities by investing in children. Pit Stops for Hope plans to invest in youth by primarily assisting nutritional providers and educators. Food and education work hand in hand to produce success. Their mission is to replace poverty with hope in our community!

Pit Stops for Hope will be bringing the #27 Pit Crew for Paul Menard and #13 Pit Crew for Ty Dillon to GES. The Pit Crews are visiting GES to inspire the students to work hard and strive for success. The Pit Crews will be performing live pit stops for the entire school. Students in Grades PK-2 will attend the live performance as follows: PK/K-10:30 AM, Grade 2-11:00 AM, Grade 1-11:20 AM. Grades 3, 4, and 5 will attend the performance from 12:30-2:30. Motivational speeches will be conducted to inspire the students to perform with excellence on upcoming SOL tests. Motivational speakers will include Ray Wright, Founder and President of Pit Stops for Hope, Derrell Edwards, jack operator for the #27 Pit Crew, and Gretna’s own Seth Saunders, Rear Tire Carrier for the #27 Pit Crew.


Union Hall Elementary School 5th Graders Win Flocabulary's Shoutout Contest:


On Friday, March 10, 2017, students in Ms. Tamela Warren's 5th grade class participated in Flocabulary's Shoutout Contest and won.  They created an original rap to the beat of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song about how to help people in the community that are in need.  As a result, the students will be featured in the March 17 edition of "A Week in Rap" on Flocabulary’s website.  Flocabulary is a learning program for all grades that uses educational rap music to engage students and increase achievement across all subject areas.


Dr. Haskins Reads to Gretna Elementary School First Grade:

Dr. Patricia Haskins, a representative of the Farm Bureau, read to the first grade students at Gretna Elementary School. Each year she visits and reads a story about something related to agriculture. This year Dr. Haskins read "Sleep Tight Farm" by Eugenie Doyle. Additionally, the Farm Bureau donated a copy of this book to the Gretna Elementary School library.

Miss Virginia

Miss Virginia came to visit the students at John L. Hurt Elementary School. She shared her message of "Making it Matter" with the students, faculty and staff.

Tunstall Middle School's Links of Love:

Tunstall Middle School recently lost a seventh grader to a tragic accident. To support the family, the students and faculty raised $1,000.00 for them. Each day for one week, students were allowed to purchase links in a chain before school and during lunch. These links were put together to form a chain. There was one chain for each grade level. Seventh grade beat the sixth grade by only $4.00. All seventh graders were treated to an ice cream party for their willingness to go above and beyond.

A Celebration of Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' Birthday:

Mt. Airy Elementary School celebrated “Read Across America” and Dr. Seuss’ birthday the week of March 6-10, 2017. Highlights of the week included: Monday wearing mismatched socks; Tuesday dressing as your favorite Dr. Seuss character and a breakfast of green eggs and ham; Wednesday dressing in mismatched, backwards, or inside out clothes; Thursday wearing your favorite hat; and Friday wearing your pajamas. To celebrate reading, each student received a new book.

The Magic of Motown: Gretna High School’s Scholarship Pageant – 2017:

I had the good fortune to attend the 2017 Gretna High School’s Scholarship Pageant held on March 11, 2017. This annual event that raises money for scholarships for students has been held since 1998. I enjoy this evening each year because the participants seem to have such fun performing, and staff members appear to delight in hosting it.

The North Star Theatre Project Presents Legally Blonde, Jr., The Musical:

Many of the cast members of Legally Blonde, Jr., The Musical, are students in the Pittsylvania County Schools, and I look forward to attending a performance. The live show opens on Friday, March 31, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. with performances on April 1, 7, & 8 at 7:30 p.m., and on April 2 & 9 at 2:30 p.m.


  • March Character Word of the Month - Fairness
  • Instructional Assistant Principals’ Meeting, March 28, 2017, 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., School Board Office
  • Spring Non-Writing SOL Training for Elementary, Middle, and High School Counselors, March 30, 2017, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., ECC/TC
  • VAAP Pre-Scoring, March 27-31, 2017, ECC Library
  • VEA Delegate Assembly, March 30 – April 1, 2017, Richmond, VA
  • PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics Posttests, March 28 – May 25, 2017
  • Family Life Education Schedule for March (Revised 03-06-2017)
  • GMS Grades 6-8 03-27-2017 to 04-05-2017
  • Spring SRC Data Collection (Schools to enter and validate data by 03-17-2017, Final data due 03-31-2017)
  • Student Leaders Forum, April 5, 2017, 10:30 a.m., PCTC

Tdap clinics and dates have been approved by the Health Department and are listed below:

9:00 a.m.         Stony Mill Elementary School
1:30 p.m.         Brosville Elementary School

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